Polymeric capsule with impact-modifier to resist concrete mixing Imaging by optical microscopy and SEM of PU hybrid microcapsules Polyelectrolyte capsules with embedded healing agent Polyelectrolyte capsules with embedded healing agent concrete casting
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The European research project CAPDESIGN ‘Encapsulation of polymeric healing agents in self-healing concrete: capsule design’ is supported by the EU funded network M-era.Net and started in January 2014.


Within this project suitable encapsulation materials will be developed in order to allow the valorization of self-healing concrete with polymeric healing agents. This means that the challenging objective of this project is to develop capsules which can easily survive the concrete mixing/casting process at the one hand but break immediately at the moment cracks appear in the hardened concrete matrix. In addition, within this project a specific technique of adding the capsules in the concrete by projection will be developed.


The coordinator of this project is Prof. Nele De Belie (Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, UGent) and the project partners are UGent, BBRI, Microbelcaps, IST, UMons, CAO PRO and SINTEF.


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