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 ie-net workshop 'Self-healing concrete'

6 June 2016, Ghent, Belgium

Self-healing is a property which was restricted in the past to biologic materials. A broken bone, a wound,… heals autonomously after some time. Because of the importance of this property, more and more research is performed in order to implement this self-healing property in other, non-biologic materials. Also in the construction sector the importance of this property is recognized. Building materials able to repair themselves would require less inspection and maintenance, and expensive repair works can be prevented. Also traffic jams and other difficulties due to inaccessibility of constructions can be avoided.

At the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research researchers are investigating for several years now the possibility to implement self-healing properties in concrete. Different approaches are herewith investigated, among which some of them already seem successful. However, in order to bring self-healing concrete to the market some bottlenecks still need to be solved. Therefore, the Magnel laboratory and some national- and international research groups joined their forces and the project CAPDESIGN was started. As the CAPDESIGN project is now approaching its end phase, we would like to disseminate our research results to a broad public during the workshop ‘self-healing concrete’.




13:30 Registration of the participants
14:00 Welcome and general introduction project CAPDESIGN
Nele De Belie, UGent 
14:15 CAPDESIGN: making self-healing concrete a reality
  In situ localized pH monitoring in cracked concrete for designing smart self-healing additives
Yegor Morozov, IST 
  Development and upscaling of capsules for self-healing concrete mixes
Philippe Thonart, Microbelcaps 
  Innovative technique for the introduction of capsules in concrete
Emmanuel Cailleux, BBRI
Pascal Nicolas, CAOPRO
  Ready mix self-healing concrete
Kim Van Tittelboom, UGent
Sutima Chatrabhuti, UMons 
  Novel solutions for multi-functional nano-additives in the manufacturing of concrete structures
Christian Simon, SINTEF 
 15:45 Coffee break and lab visit with demonstrations
 17:00 Guidance on self-healing concrete 
  Modelling and standardization of (microbial) self-healing concrete
Eric Schlangen, TUDelft 
  ISHECO= impact of self-healing materials on the corrosion of reinforced concrete
Iris de Graeve, VUB/UGent
  Monitoring techniques to determine the self-healing efficiency
Eleni Tsangouri, VUB 
18:00  Closing address 
18:15  Networking reception


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