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In April of 2015 the The Eurofillers and Polymer Blends conference took place at the Corum in Montpellier, France. The Capdesign team of IST presented their work.



Impact Modifier Toughening Polymeric Capsules for Self-healing Concrete: A Study on Type and Content of Impact Modifier


 1 Sutima Chatrabhuti, 1 Jean-Marie Raquez, 2 Ali Behnood, 2 Kim Van Tittelboom, 2 Nele De Belie, 1 Philippe Dubois


1 CQE, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

2 Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials (LPCM), Center of Innovation and Research in Materials and Polymers (CIRMAP), University of Mons, Place du Parc 23, B-7000 Mons, Belgium 



Cracks in concrete are found to endanger the durability of the structure. By mixing in capsules containing healing agent, autonomous repair is obtained upon crack formation in concrete. These capsules require; (i) enough strength to endure impact during concrete mixing but brittle once the concrete is harden to allow the capsules breakage upon concrete deformation, (ii) compatibility with the healing agent together with the ability of long-term protection of the healing agent, (iii) certain stability under concrete mixing environment (e.g. high pH, fully hydrated, high Ca2+ content), and (iv) minor influence on fresh and hardened concrete properties. 1 In many studies, glass capsules have been used to encapsulate the healing agent. However, glass capsules fail to survive during concrete mixing. Therefore, a glassy polymeric matrix containing impact modifiers is the most promising encapsulation material, which helps enhancing their survival chance. In this study, we focus on the design of rubber-containing copolymers and functionalized nanoparticles as impact modifiers melt-blending with poly(lactic acid) and poly(methyl methacrylate) as glassy polymers. Impact performances and mechanical behavior of resulting blends were investigated using DMTA, impact testing and tensile testing. A preliminary mixing test in concrete and a study on the compatibility between the polymeric capsule and several types of healing agent is featured.



1- Van Tittelboom, K.; De Belie, N., Self-Healing in Cementitious Materials—A Review. Materials 2013, 6 (6), 2182-2217.)



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